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    Are you passionate about programming?
    Join us and become a professional software developer! Over a 12 weeks training, you’ll learn all the skills needed to begin a career as a software developer and we will also provide you job assistance – because learning to code represents only half of the objective.
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    Online courses
    Get access to online resources for free and increase your knowledge. Study software development fundamental concepts and acquire new information or consolidate the existing one.
  • About us
    Career opportunities
    SoftwareAcademy prepares IT university graduates for software development roles at some of the best technology companies.

SoftwareAcademy is a training program developed and supported by GSD and represents an evolution of a training course founded in 2011. Over the time we have continuously improved the training format and refined the approval criteria and the curriculum in order to fit the IT market demands.

We intend to continue to train new generations of specialists and facilitate the development of a successful career in this domain.

Free training
Take advantage of free courses and coaching from specialists in IT domain
Flexible schedule
Courses planning has a flexible approach to adapt your schedule
Upon the graduation of your training, you will be given a certificate of completion
  • claudiu-dinu
    Claudiu Dinu

    The training was the cornerstone of my Java Developer career. Although the complexity of the projects increased exponentially after that, and the technologies changed according to the context, I was able to identify all the time the fundamental aspects learned during the training period. Technologies are constantly changing, but abstract concepts remain valid.

  • Adrian-Rebega
    Adrian Rebega

    I liked that the training was from ground zero, starting with basics and gradually going to complex things. It was way over anything I did at the University, in terms of where you start and where you end up, as well as the quality of information. This training made me decide that what I truly want, I got further with Java and I have a career in this direction.

  • robert-dumitru
    Robert Dumitru

    I enjoyed the approach very much, because we have always been motivated and helped to overcome our limits in order to gain as much experience as possible in this domain. For me it was a very useful course, because after finishing it, I was invited to an interview in Brașov and more than 80% of the questions were studied at this training. The interview was a real success.

  • Iulia-Iscru
    Iulia Iscru

    The training period has opened new horizons for me. Although I graduated Mathematics faculty and never thought that software development is for me, now I wonder what I would have done if I had not applied. Basically this training helped me to start building my career and made me want to write code.

  • dan-ratoiu
    Dan Rățoiu

    This training helped me overcome the level of knowledge gained in the University and gave me the opportunity to work with people who made me raise my personal level of ambition and motivate me to keep up with them and get up to a training level in the IT field that allowed me to get hired and granted me a well-paid job in the shortest time.

  • Matei-Suica
    Matei Șuică

    When I applied, I already had a career based on C++ and the training made me realize that Java was better suited for the future. It was very well structured, following a Java certification preparation model. I would say that this experience was a career changing moment for me.

  • dan-nemes
    Dan Nemeș

    The aspect that I liked the most about the training was the fact that it was mainly focused on home study and practice. The training greatly influenced my career path by proving me that what I was learning in school (or by myself at home) was just a very small part of the skills needed to succeed in this domain.

  • ioan-tiba
    Ioan Tiba

    I can simply say that this course has changed my life. Most likely, if I wouldn’t have followed it, I wouldn’t be a Software Developer now. I hope that in the future many other people will go through this training and I am sure that it will change the future of many generations.

Latest news

More than technical skills
Being a great software developer means not only being fluent with the latest frameworks and programming languages, but also being aware of the big picture and understand the entire development process. Our approach is designed to help you understand the importance of writing code that is efficient, secure and maintainable. Complementary to technical skills you will learn fundamental aspects of software development process and you will obtain insights that will allow you to understand better your role and responsibilities in each stage of the development.
Meet the Experts
Eugen Cojocaru
Technology Expert & SA Founder
With more than 17 years of experience in the IT field, Eugen is the founder of a Technology company and Consultant in multiple international projects. He is passionate about supporting people to find and unveil their true potential, guiding them through their development process.
Darius Hațegan
Senior Software Developer & SA Programs Coordinator
Professional approach and a genuine desire to support others are characteristics that accurately define Darius. Oracle certified specialist, he has over 7 years of experience with Java and is the coordinator of the GSD and Software Academy Training programs.
  • What do I need to begin?

    Most importantly, you’ll need to be open-minded, eager to learn and assimilate new information, with an ambitious attitude and motivated for performance. We will provide you all needed materials and you will be informed in time if extra resources will be required.

  • How will SoftwareAcademy help me get a job?

    There are multiple things we do in this direction: We organize and maintain a relevant curriculum based on current tech trends and IT companies demands. Right attitude and knowledge are the most powerful factors that will help you build a career in this domain. At the end of the training session you will receive a certificate which acknowledge that you have successfully completed the program of study. To prove its authenticity, this certificate can also be checked online together with details about the training and results. Our partnerships with employers from IT domain allow us to facilitate your direct link with them for a potential collaboration.

  • Which is the role of online courses in the context of live trainings?

    Online resources are playing an important role in education. Studying online courses following a well defined roadmap helps you learn the fundamentals and achieve a good starting point, as the concepts are not quite complex and the issues encountered are relatively easily to solve. Beyond this point, learning becomes more difficult as you get into more advanced areas of coding. If you want to reach a professional level, you need to consider attending a more advanced and intense classroom training. You will benefit of live presentations, workshops and interactive discussion with specialists in software development.

  • How does the application process work?

    You can apply only for a scheduled training program. After your application is processed, we will contact you to complete an online assessment, followed by an interview.

  • Why should I attend SoftwareAcademy?

    If you want to build a career in software development, SoftwareAcademy offers you the best launchpad. Through a combination of rigorous admission, a carefully crafted curriculum and top- level instructors, SoftwareAcademy’s program aims to take passionate students and leads them to become professional software developers.

  • How do I get the most out of SoftwareAcademy experience?

    We find that the students that get the most out of SoftwareAcademy are those that know the most coming in and ones that never give up on challenges. Once at SoftwareAcademy, it’s important to take full advantage of the resources available to you. Don’t be satisfied with a cursory or shallow understanding of the material. When you’re faced with a troublesome bug or other obstacle, don’t give up! Dive into the problem and don’t stop until you figure it out. Ask questions to the instructional staff. They’re there to help you!

  • How much does it cost to attend the classroom training program?

    SoftwareAcademy training program is free of charges. We support top-level education that is free and accessible for all enthusiasts. However, although our training program is open for all applicants, you will be able to attend it only if you pass the admission process.

  • What will I learn at SoftwareAcademy?

    Since the technologies are in constant change we will focus specifically on the fundamental concepts that you will need throughout your career. From the technical point of view, our curriculum is based on ones of the most widely used tools and technologies in the industry right now. We know what it takes from a professional, personal and mental level to be a top-performer, so teaching you to have the correct mindset is another important objective. Whether in classroom training sessions or at home, you’ll have access at the best materials and support from our experts. For more information about the complete list of technologies that will be studied, please see training program details.

  • Will I build any projects while at SoftwareAcademy?

    Of course! Guided lectures and workshops work well for covering fundamental concepts and introducing new technologies, but this part should be well combined with writing code in order to gain a deeper understanding of applications development. In this regard, we dedicated a part of the training to students strengthening their software development skills by involving them in practical projects.

  • I'm an employer, and I'm interested in hiring some engineers. How do I get in touch with you?

    You can contact us by phone or send us your message using the contact form and we’ll get back to you.

  • How can I find out more details?

    Feel free to send us your questions using the contact form or through email and we’ll get back to you with the details you need.